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Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5 months ago

Mens Varsity HS School Basketball vs. SSLI

Game Date
Jan 10, 2019
SSLI: 65

Mdy played shorthanded vs Ssli last night.


Mike Natkin, Teddy Cohen, Albet Nisiri, Edmund Antebi all not playing, and Ray Jajati only available for the second half of the game.


In the first half Mdy held a slim 8 point lead, but after a spirited half time speech by Jacob Zaccai Mdy started to pull away in the second half, opening up

A 15 point lead and nursing that lead for the rest of the game.


Final score Mdy 73- Ssli 65.


Ray jajati scored 27 point playing only in the second half.

Victor Braca had 13 pts and 7 assists.

Eddie manopala had 10 points.

Jacob zaccai had 9 rebounds.


Mdy is now 9-3 in the league and 21-3 overall. Mdy is first team to 21 wins in the country.


Next game Saturday night 2/2 vs Drs.

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